Turkey is a country with an amazing diversity.
Especially Turkey is some kind of paradise for historical places; palaces, ancient ruins, castle walls etc.
We can provide locations to be used in still photography, television and film productions. With your brief our location management crew researches the best places for you and presents an offering report.

What kind of places can be found in Turkey?

Historical places.
You can find Byzantine, Ottoman, Roman, Gothic medieval and oriental architecture structures in Turkey.

fixer in turkey history

Turkey is effected by different climates, so you can find a lot of nature platforms: Hoodoos, jungles, rivers, steppes… Also Turkey has great mountains for snow shootings.

fixer in turkey nature

Turkey is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, the Aegean Sea and the Black Sea from three different sides. Especially the Mediterranean beaches are very attractive for summer shootings.

fixer in turkey beach

People and Cities
In Turkey, Istanbul is the biggest center for film shooting. The major part of the population lives in Istanbul. Skyscrapers, plazas, shopping malls meet with historical buildings, mosques and churches.

fixer in turkey people

We can find any type of house and offices in turkey. Villas, mansions, flats, offices, skyscrapes… Just send your brief to us and we will find you the best place for you.

fixer in turkey house