There is a huge range of camera, lighting, and grip equipment available for film & TV production in Turkey. We are partners with Turkey’s best equipment rental services. We can provide you any kind of cameras (Dslr, Red, Alexa, Arri, Blackmagic 16mm,35mm), lenses , lights and grip equipments. (Arri lighting, Kinoflo, Jimmy Jibs, Panther dolly, Steadicam, Giraffe Cranes, Techno Cranes, Motion Control rigs, and much more…)
Download our equipment rental list for check items you can find in Turkey:



For leading your job we can assign an executive producer. He/She can manage your shootings in Turkey with our production team.

We can hire the best shooting crew for your budget. We are working with Turkey’s best shooting crews. All of our crew has international work experiences. According to your needs we can find you Directors, DOP’s, AD’s, AC’s, gaffers, art directors, boom operators, costume Supervisors, coiffeurs and make-up artists.

Also if you are interested in post-production in Turkey, our team has editors, colorists and compositors.

With our catering service, we can cater for a variety of tastes with a mixed continental and local menu to keep everyone happy.