We are consulting about film shooting authorization for foreign film producers, directors and companies who want to shoot a film in Turkey. If you want to shoot a film in Turkey, you have to handle a lot of paperworks.
We are doing this for you! For example; If you want to shoot a scene in Taxim, Istiklal street, Istanbul.
1- You need a general shooting permission for foreign companies from Ankara.
According to the regulations, during the film shooting it is obligatory to have at least one host/guide who is a citizen of the Turkish Republic. So here we are.
2- Outdoor shooting authorization for Istanbul
You need an authorization for street scenes from ministry of culture and tourism.
3- Authorization from local municipality
You have to pay a fee to municipalities for local authorizations. Otherwise, the municipal police has a right to stop the shooting.
4- Authorization from local police stations.
For every shooting you should take a shooting authorization from local police stations. This is not absolutely necessary but in crowded places like Istiklal Street, police has every right to stop the shooting.
(By using some reasons like disturbing people.)
5- Special Permits
For special permits, such as underwater, urban traffic, filming with firearms etc. you must get permissions from relevant government units.
If you want to shoot in Turkey, we would gladly help you to get permissions for minor fees.